Hi!  I'm Rebecca.  I am a wife, a mother to two littles, and the owner of Better Life Bags {a custom handbag shop that gives to those in need}.  Redeeming Creations has been an inspired nugget in my mind 
since 2011.  Every time I see a repurposed or upcycled craft, my heart rejoices
{and I usually "pin it" to Pinterest}.

But, then I got to thinking... God is in the business of redeeming HIS creation, too!  Why not create a space on the Internet that draws the crafty and the spiritual together?  And Redeeming Creations was born.

My name is Carrie. I am a stay at home wife to Misael and mother with three beautiful young daughters.  Above all I am a child of God and strive to put Him first in all I do. I know that I owe Him my life and I aspire to live each day to glorify and bring honor to God.

I chose to be a part of Redeeming Creations, because I am just that - a Redeemed Creation. Though I was raised in a godly Christian home as a preacher's kid, I have not always chose to please God with my life. Mercifully, God saved me from my life of destruction and showed me the grace and love that only He can give. It is because of God's redeeming love that I am the woman I am today. Understandably when I heard of the opportunity to make God famous through this blog; I immediately knew I needed to be a part.

My name is Rebekah and I was born and raised in the beautiful Western Waterlands of Kentucky! God has truly blessed me! I have loving, Christian parents, an amazing husband of 13 years and 3 beautiful, healthy children! He has led our family to a church where we are able to honor and serve Him.  
When the opportunity became available at Redeeming Creations, I had already felt a tug on my heart to do more for God.  In real life, I am a very quiet, shy and timid person but here on the web I can scream out loud for Him!


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